About Us

New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art

The Birth of a Museum


New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art (NJMoCA) is the first museum dedicated to contemporary art and culture in New Jersey. A non-collecting institution, its mission is to identify and present artists of our time who are producing significant and challenging new perspectives in artistic expression. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit focuses on emerging artists from an international curatorial scope and across a range of practices.


NJMoCA currently operates as a presenting museum without walls. While scouting for a future permanent headquarters, world-class curated exhibitions and public art projects, talks, educational programs, social events, and fundraisers will be at temporary, pop-up locations throughout New Jersey.

Vision and New Museum Paradigm

NJMoCA aspires to leverage unique and compelling contemporary programming as the linchpin in community building, education enhancement, and economic development, uniting these mutually reinforcing aspects to transform New Jersey into a vibrant cultural tourist destination.

To that end and in harmony with its mission to champion artistic experimentation, NJMoCA is introducing an unconventional, visionary, and fiscally prudent new museum paradigm that challenges the traditional understanding that confines a museum to a single structure at a single location.

The museum will present dynamically-changing, site-specific art exhibitions, events, and performances in a range of spaces across the entire state of New Jersey – from town centers, billboards and empty storefronts, to abandoned warehouses and corporate structures – a format that will continue in tandem with a future permanent building.


With this innovative and adventurous sensibility of utilizing unexpected and underutilized venues throughout New Jersey, NJMoCA can directly and exponentially broaden the reach and impact of the arts for diverse audiences, activate a vital sense of community participation, attract the art world to visit original exhibitions not being presented anywhere else, and enhance the quality of life for New Jersey residents and schoolchildren in new and exciting ways. In so doing, NJMoCA will transform and redefine the concept of a museum and situate it at the center of the international art dialogue in the 21st Century.

Art On Air | Radio Interview

Bruce Springsteen, Meryl Streep, pollution … all from the state of New Jersey! And now contemporary art has arrived. The Garden State
sprouts a new museum of contemporary art and host Michael Rush (also a native of guess where?) speaks with NJMoCA founder Robin Parness Lipson and her high hopes for New Jersey as a home for the cutting edge. Listen Now!