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Unexpected Encounter with Art

“HEADS” was the first monumental museum-curated public art exhibition and education program freely accessible to the thousands of public, private and parochial schools, and after-school programs, throughout the state. The full K-12 curriculum with suggested studio lessons allowed teachers to arrange an art field trip at their convenience for students from kindergarten through high school to discover the value of contemporary art in today’s society.

Developed by National Board Certified Art Teacher, Laura Petrovich-Cheney, this unparalleled museum art education program in New Jersey (1) Introduced students to the richness of contemporary art in an exciting and fun non-traditional setting; (2) Inspired them to discuss, interpret, and personally connect with art through an out-of-classroom exploration of an international contemporary artist; (3) Encouraged critical thinking through connections between skills that students are learning in school and the visual arts; (4) Sparked imagination and a love of art.

Complete and send the registration form below to access the “HEADS” K-12 curriculum and suggested studio lessons. All information is confidential, intended only to gauge the impact and reach of this education program.

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